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Paella Cooking Classes with locals





Discover the local culture through gastronomy with locals in Madrid

Welcome to Spain, a country that will delight you with its most incredible and varied cuisine!

We are Anna and Nacho, a couple of foodies in the city! We were born in Barcelona and 5 years ago we packed our suitcases and started exploring other countries and its gastronomy. We have travelled around the world and now we decided to land in Madrid to do what we love: cooking and meeting people!

We are very happy to see how our dreams have finally got real, the Foodies in the City concept is alive to offer you both a cultural and gastronomic hands-on experience with our paella cooking classes.

We open the doors of our home for more than a typical cooking class. We want to show you how is the day-to-day life of a local family, the main traditions, its gastronomy and the cultural of that country.

All our cooking classes have been carefully prepared to offer an epic culinary experience based on our grandmother’s recipes and with the most hidden secrets of the Spanish culture.

Let’s flavour the local life of the city, we are waiting for you!


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